I'm Cordelia - Magical Mentor, Reality Upgrader & Abundance Activator.

I support the women who are here to blaze a trail, shake up the old paradigms, and inspire other women to live from their magic, pleasure, power and prosperity. 

~ I help you own your value and your unique spiritual gifts, so you can be seen (and get paid) for being who you really are.

~ I help you tap into infinite possibilities and shift higher into alignment with the juicy life that's meant for you. 

~ I help you unclog your money channels, clear your blocks to receiving, raise your rates, expand your income and create ways of serving that light you up and change lives. 

I combine over 15 years' experience as a healer, coach and energy alchemist with my natural intuitive and psychic gifts. Magic happens when you step into a journey with me...

I highly recommend working with Cordelia - I don’t know how she does it, but it feels like a healing with her is the equivalent of 15 - 20 types of other sessions. She is such a powerful goddess, badass magical mentor, unicorn whisperer, space holder, life transformer and vessel of pure magic!
— Courtney Long, www.courtneylongangels.com

I’ve spent a shitload of money on coaches and coaching programs and have worked with some top-notch coaches. And honestly, my sessions with Cordelia are THE BEST INVESTMENT I’ve made in coaching to date.
— Anne Rose Hart, www.embodyingjoy.com

I highly encourage my friends and colleagues to work with Cordelia. Her wisdom reaches far back to ancient times and she carries magic and mysticism in her energy and her voice.
— Amanda Moxley, www.amandamoxley.com


I may be high-woo, but I help my clients get tangible results...more money, more clients, manifesting dream homes and vacations, moving to a dream location, attracting opportunities, upgrading jobs, ending toxic relationships, fully moving on from ex-partners, and positive lifestyle shifts.

I work best with divine feminine leaders who are here to empower other women - my specialties include clearing your deepest core fears and wounds from lifetimes of being persecuted for your magic and power, so you can be free to blaze a trail in this life.  

If you feel called to connect with me (even if you don't know why), click the box below and we'll have a conversation about how I can help you own your magic, upgrade your reality and get paid to play...