I'm Cordelia Francesca, Magical Mentor & Reality Upgrader.

I support the Divine Feminine Leaders who are here to shake up the old paradigms, and create a new world where women are free to live from their magic, pleasure, abundance and joy.  

You're an old soul doing deep work, and it's already taken you courage to get where you are. 

Now you know it's time to rise higher - to reach more people, unlock your greater gifts, make more money, and share your magic more powerfully in the world. 

And to do that in a way that feels like getting paid to play - not out of spiritual servitude or obligation. 

As an experienced healer or coach yourself, you need someone who works at an advanced level, to help you elevate through any blocks, fears or upper limits.

And that's where I come in... 

I combine over 15 years' experience with natural intuitive and psychic gifts. I'll hold space for you to own your unique magic and powers, clear any resistance to being seen in that way, and bring yourself fully into your business.

I help rewire and recode you to become more of who you really are, so you can share the message your soul is calling you to, serve the people you're here to empower, and create the business, income and lifestyle you really want. 

Stepping in to work with me is a sacred journey back to yourself. It's a decision to break the chains of lifetimes' of being judged and persecuted for your magic, and be free to blaze trails for others to follow.

With those inner shifts come the grounded, tangible results...generating more money, magnetising your soulmate clients, doing more of what you love in ways that light you up. 

If you feel called to connect with me (even if you don't know why), please click the box below to apply for a free energy tune-in on your business...